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Buddy Greene - Classical Harmonica Medley (Live)

Buddy Greene - Official Video for “Classical Harmonica Medley (Live)”, available now! Buy the full length DVD/CD 'God Bless ...

Rev. Bud Green and Just Say Yes on Hot Seat Part 1 (1992)

Rev. Bud Green discusses the "Religion of Drugs" and brings his band on Hot Seat. From March 1992. Former cohost David ...

Nat King Cole - Once In A While - Michael Edwards/Bud Green

Nat King Cole - Once In A While - Michael Edwards/Bud Green Imagens do Parque da Lagoa Erivaldo Oliveira - Feira de Santana ...

Bud Green and El Duce promote rioting on Hot Seat

Rev. Bud Green and El Duce visit Hot Seat shortly after the 1992 Los Angeles riots to promote more rioting.

Joe Trent, Ray Henderson and Bud Green's 'Variety Stomp' played by Tuba Skinny.

This performance was filmed in New Orleans by my friend David Wiseman from England on 20 April 2015. 'Variety Stomp' was ...

Super Bud Green House Grow Sessions

Visit: To view all the new Green House Grow Session Videos. . To view all the new Green House Grow Session Videos. . Super ...

Rev. Bud Green defends Ice-T on Hot Seat

During the "Cop Killer" controversy in the summer of 1992, Rev. Bud Green's band Just Say Yes played a show with Ice-T's band ...

Sentimental Journey by Les Brown, Ben Horner & Bud Green – hr-Bigband

Big Band Matinee – September 2018, KKL Lucerne www.worldbandfestival.ch hr-Bigband Bandleader: Jörg Achim Keller Vocals: ...

Once in a While (Michael Edwards/Bud Green)

Veljko Vujčić-piano Dragan Milovanović-piano Vujčić Veljko-drums Recorded live on the 25th of April in Belgrade, Serbia, ...

Rev. Bud Green campaigns on the streets of Chicago

Outside the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, I campaign for president with my running mate, Al the Limo Driver.

Bud Green promotes rioting on Hot Seat Part 2

Rev. Bud Green (minus El Duce) continues the debate on rioting.

Reverend Bud Green campaigns on Jerry Springer

My 1996 presidential campaign stop on Springer.

Bud E. Green

Tribute to Downbeat the Ruler for playing 45 years of word, power and sound @ Sir D's lounge in Brooklyn, New York. This event ...

Rev. Bud Green lights up on Sally Jesse Raphael

Here I light one up in Sally's face while I battle some anti-rock n rollers. 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell takes a back seat to Rev.

Rev. Bud Green talks to Howard Stern and Sam Kinison

Rev. Bud Green calls into the Howard Stern show with guest Sam Kinison. From 1990.

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