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Face to Leatherface Dan Yeager

http://www.ravenousmonster.com Ravenous Monster's Rob Hibbs interviews the star of Texas Chainsaw 3D, Dan Yeager. Get the ...

Episode 2 Dan Yeager

Episode 2, Dan Yeager Interview "Leatherface" Texas Chainsaw 3D, Bad Anger Pictures. Thanks Dan!

Dan Yeager Promo Rockinboxes Presents.

Promotional for Dan Yeager on Rockinboxes Presents.

TMC Talks 3D Moviemaking with Leatherface

TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves interviews Dan Yeager, the actor who portrays Leatherface in the new Tex - Mar 06, 2013.

Dan Yeager - Early life

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Wywiad do filmu PIŁA MECHANICZNA 3D - Dan Yeager - w kinach od 4 stycznia 2013!

Zobacz więcej na: http://www.facebook.com/monolithfilms "Piła mechaniczna 3D" - w kinach od 4 stycznia 2013! Legendarna PIŁA ...

Steve Dash Dan Yeager panel Crypticon 2017 St Joseph MO Sat 7-15

Steve Daskewisz, also known as Steve Dash or Steve Daskawisz, is an actor known for his role as a stunt double supporting the ...

Dan Yeager Video Tribute: Family & Friends.

In Memory of Dan Yeager. The Music Selection is "Thinking of You" By Kitaro.

The Morbidly Made (Dan Yeager-Leatherface) TC3D Talks Texas Chainsaw Sequel!

Dan Yeager joins The Morbidly Made to discuss playing Leatherface and so much more. In this clip he talks about the possibility ...

Dan Yeager (Leatherface)& Ron Scott joined the Technical Defects 08/06/2018 to discuss Volition!

The Technical Defects were LIVE: Monday, August 6th @ 7:30pm EST, when our Special Guests were Actor & Director Dan ...

Dan Yeager at Infect Scranton 2014 (from Vlog 123)

This video is an excerpt from Infect Scranton 2014: Shuta Multimedia Vlog 123: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxibLbVSNtQ ...

Dan Yeager - PSYCOW Ep. 31

This week, we talk with Leatherface himself! Dan Yeager joins us to talk about his take on Leatherface and the recreating of ...

Exclusive Conversation with BadAnger Pictures Dan Yeager and Ron Scott

This is an interview I conducted on New Years 2017. I talk with the guys from BadAnger Pictures. Dan Yeager and Ron Scott.

Indie Brigade Ep 1 Dan Yeager Leatherface joins Romero Pictures' Indie Brigade for their 1st show

George C. Romero was LIVE- Friday, Sept. 27th @9pm EST on the Romero Pictures' Indie Brigade FB page, where he was ...

Episode #9 Dan Yeager & the return of CW Penney

Episode #9 Tonight's guests are Dan Yeager (Leatherface) of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D & Slaughter Farm as well as the ...

Hikaru Nakamura v Dan Yeager

This is at the 2007 World Open in Valley, Forge, Pa.. its the blitz tournament.

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