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Youths-Like-Us: Eswari Gunasagar’s Acting Workshop

What do you do when you're at a career crossroad? Tune in as local actress Eswari Gunasagar and five young Singaporeans ...

Did Somebody Say Karaoke? Let's Popsical! Truth or Dare Edition with Eswari Gunasagar

Popsical paid Eswari and family a visit... you'd not believe what we discovered during the truth or dare session.

Adiye Arakkiye | Achamillai Manamae – Mediacorp Vasantham Muthal Paarvai 2

Watch all episodes of Vasantham Muthal Paarvai and cast your votes at ❗ Achamillai ...

Are You Cleverer Than A Typical Singaporean? (Season Finale) Ep 6: Charlie (ABTM) VS Eswari

Catch Charlie and Eswari as they go against each other on the season finale of 'Are You Cleverer Than A Typical Singaporean?'!


Dance medley.

Stories of Bali- Dec 2016

My short Bali trip with Eshu in Dec 2016.

BFF Challenge - Leena & Eswari

Who knows the other better? Former Miss Vasantham contestants and current best friends, Leena or Eswari? Find out in this BFF ...

Ah Muthal Akkuthanada

Theeban/Eswari/Shobana did this song for a Wedding Dinner Reception. A dance performed and enjoyed but us and the viewers.

Getting Spicy with Eswari

Eating healthily doesn't stop you from having fun! Actor and host, Eswari Gunasagar describes how she makes her family's ...


Do like our facebook page Directed By: Venga Ramasamy, Haider Ali Music : Shabir Singers ...

Pixel Frames - Theeban + Sangeetha Cinematic Wedding (simply fantastic)

Theeban and Sangeetha tied the knot with the blessings of family and friends. A 5 Star wedding with lots of fun and laughter.

Dengue: We’re in this fight together! – Eswari Gunasagar

Every action count in the fight against Dengue. Catch Eswari Gunasagar as she shows us what we can do to protect ourselves ...

He Ying Ying & Eswari Gunasagar at Digital TV Carnival

Digital TV Carnival at Kampung Admiralty.

Most Popular Female Personality - Eswari

PVAwards2016: Congratulation to Eswari, Most Popular Female Personality!

Vettai 4 Rapid Fire Round - Eswari, Maga & Malene

Maga and Malene are subjected to a rapid fire round by Eswari. Watch as they spill the beans and give away some interesting ...

Kalasala Dance Performance

Theeban/Eswari/Shobana did this Rocking Kalasla Dance for our Sister ROM Dinner Event. A dance from the hearts to all.

《SG Kakis》Shoutout - Eswari Gunasagar

在繁忙时段乘搭公共交通时,你是不是觉得自己好像一条沙丁鱼呢?下一集的《SG Kakis》,网红Eswari 和你们分享一些奇怪但又经常 ...

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