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Tommy Shannon Blues Band @ Antone's in Austin

Hey, Austin — If you haven't seen the Tommy Shannon Blues Band at Antone's yet, you are missing out. Featuring Tommy ...

Tommy Shannon how to play Pride and Joy Lesson - and mistake!

Tommy Shannon how to play Pride and Joy Lesson -and mistake! SORRY FOR THE SKIPS...ORIGINAL DOESN'T HAVE THEM.

Tommy Shannon Interview (2000)

A radio interview from 2000 with Texan bass player Tommy Shannon whose career is highlighted by work alongside two guitar ...

Tommy Shannon Blues Band ft. Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson - guitar Tommy Shannon - bass David Holt - guitar and vocals Tommy Taylor - drums Antone's for Tommy's 70th ...

Double Trouble/ Empty Arms

Chris layton & Tommy Shannon with John Mayer.

Blues Bass - Johnny B Goode - Tommy Shannon Here's a how to play bass tutorial on how Tommy Shannon played ...

Johnny Winter - Be Careful With A Fool

Johnny Winter from Danish TV in 1970 with Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on Drums.

Alan Haynes and Tommy Shannon - Mother Earth, Instrumental Jam

Recorded on October 11, 2003 in Austin, Texas. Uncle John Turner the drummer played wit johnny Winter.

MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB- Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble by Machinagroove's BassCovers

Hi Everybud! Parfois rien de tel que de jouer du bon vieux gros Blues qui tâche! Oui me direz vous, mais le Blues c'est un peu ...

"Little Wing" - David Holt ft. Tommy Shannon

David Holt brings Tommy Shannon up on the stage to play on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Tommy! Dony Winn on drums, David ...

Tommy Shannon Blues Band

Tommy Shannon - bass David Holt - guitar & vocals Tommy Taylor - drums Antone's in Austin, TX.

Storyville Live 2016 ~Good Day For The Blues @ Tommy Shannon's 70th Birthday Party

WOW~! Storyville reunited for three songs at Tommy Shannon's 70th Birthday party at Antone's on 4/20/2016. Eric Johnson was ...

Are Flatwound Strings still a thing?!

My brief synopsis of flat wound bass strings and why I like them. I'm using D'Addario Chromes 45-105 Some of my fav players that ...

Crossfire- Tommy Shannon w/Jeff Pitchell & The Classic Original All-Stars

Original Double Trouble bassist Tommy Shannon along with Jeff Pitchell, original Fee, Bad Company drummmer Simon Kirke, ...

Little Wing by the Tommy Shannon Blues Band @ Antone's in Austin

Tommy Taylor on drums, David Holt on guitar and Tommy Shannon on bass. Tommy played with Double Trouble and Stevie Ray ...

Double Trouble reunite 2/10/16 Antone's Austin Texas

Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton with David Holt and Bill Carter live at Antone's.

Tommy Shannon Blues Band Live- Antone's 2/10/16

Tommy Shannon, David Holt (Storyville), Tommy Taylor (Eric Johnson), Bill Carter (Austin Music Hall of fame, songwriter)

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