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Unpopular Opinions I Stand By (with Traci Stumpf)

Yo! I'm sorry in advance if anyone is pissed off by this but here are some unpopular opinions I stand by, with my favorite pal Traci ...

Traci Stumpf Comedic Hosting Reel 2016

Traci Stumpf's 2016 Comedic Hosting Reel!

6 McDonald's Meals Made Fancy (Cheat Day)


How We Talk About True Crime | Crime Obsession with Traci Stumpf

As true crime fans, we know that beyond the attention hungry criminals and the splashy details is a grieving community. How can ...

Inspiring Stories of Survival | Crime Obsession with Traci Stumpf

The hardest part of being a true crime fan is that the stories we obsess over often have tragic endings. But the truth is that there are ...

Traci Stumpf at the San Francisco Main Event June 2009

Traci Stumpf at the San Francisco Main Event June 2009 "Whats all this positive thinking?"

Traci Stumpf 2018 Comedic Hosting Reel

Traci Stumpf- 2018 Comedic Hosting Reel.

From Lorena Bobbitt to Chris Watts: Love Gone Wrong | Crime Obsession with Traci Stumpf

Everyone loves a good love story, and if you're a true crime fan then you know that the most horrific love stories gone wrong end ...

Why Do Serial Killers Fascinate Us? | Crime Obsession with Traci Stumpf

On this week's episode of Crime Obsession, Traci is joined by true crime journalist Billy Jensen to explore a subject that never fails ...

Homeland's Navid Negahbad talks to Traci Stumpf on the red carpet.

Homeland's Navid Negahbad talkes Homeland season 3, hight tea and movies.

Women Like us - Part One - Hosted by Traci Stumpf Part One of Two Segments - Host Traci Stumpf covered the red carpet at the "Women Like Us" ...

Traci Stumpf's MTV Dating Prank

Host of MTV's technology baced prank show 'BuggingOut', Traci Stumpf pranks people into dating her.

MGBB 7 - Traci Stumpf

hypocritspo, hating yourself as a kid, making choices.

Sheila Shah, Traci Stumpf, Celebrity Golf, Calabasas Golf

Sheila Shah chats with Traci Stumpf during Celebrity Golf at the Celebrity World Challenge Golf Tournament in Calabasas, CA to ...

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