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[HD] Vladimir Horowitz - The Last Romantic

Best quality possible for an 1985 film. The Last Romantic is a documentary filmed within the home of concert pianist Vladimir ...

Horowitz Rachmaninoff 3rd Concerto Mehta NYPO 1978

Horowwitz plays the Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concerto in Avery Fisher Hall, New York, 1978 with Zubin Mehta ( His last recording ...

Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin Polonaise in A flat major op.53

Vladimir Horowitz was a Russian-American classical virtuoso pianist and minor composer. He is widely considered one of the ...

Horowitz in Moscow 1986

Horowitz in Moscow (1986) Scarlatti, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Moszkowski, Rachmaninov.

Vladimir Horowitz plays Mozart: Concerto No. 23 (1987)

Mozart: Piano Concerto No.23 in A Major. Vladimir Horowitz The Orchestra of La Scala Carlo Maria Giulini, Conductor.

Vladimir Horowitz at Carnegie Hall - 1951

Complete Horowitz's recital in Carnegie Hall on March 5, 1951. (Previously unreleased) Programme: 1. Schumann - Grand ...

SCHUBERT - Impromptu n°3 (Horowitz)

Concert d'horowitz à Vienne (1987) L'Impromptu n° 3 en si bémol majeur est surnommé « Rosamunde » car son thème est en ...

Horowitz - Scriabin: Etude for piano in C# minor, Op. 2 no. 1

Horowitz in Moscow Alexander Scriabin: Etude for piano in C# minor, Op. 2/1 Sound: UMG.

Vladimir Horowitz Playing Scriabin 12 Etudes Op.8 No.12

If there is a piece that would represent the agony of a man on the verge of sanity, this is most likely be the piece. Extremely Poetic ...

Rare Interview of Vladimir Horowitz

Rare Interview of Vladimir Horowitz.

Horowitz (Chopin) Ballade in G Minor (HQ)

Vladimir Horowitz playing Ballade in G Minor, with high quality option.

Vladimir Horowitz plays Rachmaninoff : Prelude 5 In G Minor

Please like and subscribe. Vladimir Horowitz plays Rachmaninoff: Prelude #5 In G Minor, Op. 23/5 - Full Length - This is the best ...

Vladimir Horowitz - Variation on a theme of Bizet's - Carmen

This is Vladimir Horowitz playing his Variation on a Theme of Bizet's opera "Carmen." This is, of course, from the 1968 CBS ...

Vladimir Horowitz; Arturo Toscanini: Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1 1943 Live

Vladimir Horowitz; Arturo Toscanini: NBC Symphony Orchestra April 25 1943,in concert at Carnegie Hall Live.

Vladimir Horowitz: I'm absolutely against piano competitions!

Vladimir Horowitz gives his thoughts on piano competitions, from a talk at a 1977 seminar for students at the University of ...

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